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Копия Special menu 5 in.


Bruschetta with roast beef and capers

Roasted shrimp with melon in plum sauce

Quiche with chicken fillet in filo dough

Salad with arugula, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, souse vide beef fillet and balsamic cream

GOURMEE MIX cheese camembert, parmesan, maasdam, salami and chorizo sausage, proscuitto, jam, honey, olives, crackers and nuts


Pork belly (fried potatoes, onions, mushrooms and sauce with green pepper)

or Duck confit (baked potato, cherry tomato, rosemary and mustard with seeds)

or Grilled chicken fillet in Mediterranean style (baked potato, green salad mix, cherry tomatoes and lemon-honey sauce)


Blueberry cheesecake 

or Coconut milk pudding with chia seeds and berries

Копия Special menu 5 in.

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